Bob Battersby


Band: The Whispers of Dissent


Brighton, England


I started playing bass at the age of 49 – having not played anything since I was nine. Seven years on I’m still in the foothills of bassdom but hope I’m gradually getting better.
Mostly work in a trio with my partner (and songwriter extraordinaire) Linda and our sax player John playing cafes, open mics and a few festivals.
We still have dreams of rock stardom but lack of a drummer (and a few ‘real’ musicians) has held us back.

Playing style is mainly root and fifth due to age, stiff hands and approaching senility but I try and throw some shapes every now and again!
Influences - Norman Watt-Roy, Colin Hodgkinson, Glenn Cornick, James Jamerson, Duck Dunn – if I could play a tenth like any of them I would be a happy man!
I am also trying to wrap my small hands around a double bass – although this might be one musical challenge too far!

1984 Fender Precision Black - Maple board

2010 Fender Precision Sunburst - Rosewood board

2010 Fender/Warmoth Precision Fretless Black - Ebony board

Brandoni Precision Yellow- Rosewood board

1970s EKO/Brandoni Violin bass Sunburst NOS - Rosewood board

Strunal ¾ Double bass

Gallien Krueger MB 500 Fusion

Gallien Krueger MB 200

Markbass 151T

Fender Rumble 2x8