Alembic Essence 4

Date of production: 2000

This Alembic has these great oval inlays and red LED´s on the neck side! A pearl of a bass!

The Alembic sound is gettin perfect for me by using a Trace-Elliot SMX Dual Compressor.


Musicman Stingray 4

Date of production: 1997

A Stingray as it must be! Powfull and straigt!

I´m sure you all know him!

Gibson Thunderbird IV

Date of production: 2013

How long have I wait for this! I´m sure you all konw that Gibson did a run of lefties in 2013. The last, but least as well.

Magnus Krempel Aceman FR 527

Date of production: 1996
Serial-No.: handmad

Handmade bass by luthier Magnus Krempel for a lefthand bassplyer from Hof / Germany. This bass got a new paintwork by Gerald Marleaux!

Fender Precision Bass

Date of production: 1978

A great deep sounding bass with the rare "Cimarron Red" colour. This bass is in a good condition.


Vigier Passion III

Date of production: 2010

Lefthanded Vigier basses, with carbon stripe necks, are exrtreamly rare.

Anyone who´s looking for a lefthanded Vigier Passion know how difficult it is to find one. These basses with carbon strips in the neck, or completely carbon neck´s are great sounding and easy players with a modern tone.

Its low weight and good playability are its strengths.


Marleaux Consat Signature (Germany)

Date of production: 2011

It took more than 10 years until I could afford a Marleaux bass. As long as I know Gerald Marleaux personally and visited him frequently in his workshop. Ultimately, the decision fell on 2 Lefty Bass Day.

This Consat Signature features a stunning piece of wood through its special feature.
For example, the side position markers are illuminated with fiber optic cables, which are powered by an LED.
A beautiful bass, and very easy to play with growling, powerful bass tone!

It´s a one of a kind jewel!

Lefthand Gibson EBO 1973

Lefthand Gibson EBO (USA)

Date of production: 1973

This is the last ever made EBO walnut. Only 27 pieces were made ever.

In a mind condition

Walnut body

It took 9 month to make this deal perfect by the help of my good friends Armin Klopfer and Ray DiNardo.

On August 2010 Armin came for a visit and could commit this rare bass.

In the meantime this bass travelled thausends of kilometers and came across many states in the USA.

Thank you guys!


Waja Telio VA 4-string

Date of production: 2009
Serial No.: -

Oh man! It took 37 years of bassplaying, to get a custom made bass for myself. This Waja bass (Germany) was created with features I wished to have. This unique bass in design and sound has this special features:

3-piece body: "Pappelmaser"-maple / brown Dibetou / figured maple, 5-piece neck
Rosewood fretboard with LED´s on side
Perlmut inlays
strings through body
highgloss finish
Noll elektronik
golden hardware

It´s an amazing bass and easy player. The electronic and pickup selector gives me the chance to play dfferent sounds.



Lefthand Fender Telecaster Bass (USA)

Date of production: 1977

The Telecaster basses have become very rare.

Since there is not much time and leeway when in fact times of service.

Now the gap between the Fender Mustang and the Fender Precision Bass is closed.

Lefthand Rickenbacker 4003 (USA)

Date of production: August 1982

Here I once broke my rule and exchanged a 78'er Fender Jazz Bass Rickenbacker against this great Ric..

A deal with which both sides can be satisfied.

Lefty Alembic Coustom 5-string bass

Lefthand Alembic Custom 5-string Solid Black (USA)

Date of production: 1991

Do you know a bass player, who is not dreaming of a Alembic Series I or Series II bass? I think not. But this dream fails by the price of such a bass. And the lucky one, who keeps such an expensive bass with a value of a used car, don´t want to sell it any more.

So I couldn´t resist, when this bass was offered in Finland. But if you think, to ship a bass within the European Union is not a problem, forget it!

These Alembic Coustom bass was produced in 1991 and has a Series I body with Alembic Spoiler electronics. This bass is a monster. With its coustom case -the biggest one beside my Warwick Alien case- it is the heaviest unit I´ve evers seen.


Lefthand Fender Mustang Bass (USA)

Date of production: 1978

Fender Mustang basses are the connection between the Musicmaster and Precision basses.

This bass is in a mind and all original condition, because it was playing by a female bassplayer some times ago. It´s a very nice instrument, easy to play with a good sound. It´s a shortscale bass.

Lefthand Gibson EB-O  1969

Gibson EB O LH (USA)

Date of production: 1966

Did you ever tried to find a lefthand Gibson bass? If you did, you know were I´m talking from.

I saw one or two lefthanded Gibson basses on internet in 2003 / 2004, but it wasn´t able for me to catch them. No problem, I thought. I will wait for the next offer. But nothing happens till 2007!

I got this offer from a lefty and so I bought it, although this bass ins´t in a original condition.

However, it came with the original case.

Lefthand G&L SB-2SB-2SB-2

G&L SB-2 (special model)

Date of production: March 1992

Solid bass with a simple sound system. But I think George & Leo did a great job with the precision- and jazz-type G&L pickups. 1 Volume pot for each pickup. With these pots you can create a great spectrum of sounds.

Rosewood fretboard with 21 frets.


1970 lefthand Fender Jazz Bass


Fender Jazz Bass (USA)

Date of production: 1970

This basses are hard to find. So I looked for a 4screw lefty Jazz Bass for years and found this one in the Netherlands.

A great 40 years old player.



Date of production: 2008
Serial-No.: -

You will find HK basses only on internet auctions. To answer some questions, I bout this one early 2009. It´s a solid instrument for low budget. If you do some preparations, you will get a good playing bass.

Lefthand Rickenbacker 4003S  1982


Rickenbacker 4003S

Date of production:August 1982

Jhon Aki is a lefty professional musician, who´s living in the USA for a while. He had a collection of 80 (!!) lefty intruments. He decidet to got back to Japan, so he had sell out all his intruments. He offered me this 82´Ric for a good price.

As Jhon told me, this bass was lying in its case for the most of the 20 years. t has a 2 piece pckguard which was used by Rickenbacker in the area of 1979-1985. Rickenbacker 4003S were build from 1979-1997.

Details will follow

Lefthand EKO fretless


EKO fretless / Italy

Date of production: ?
Serial-No.: -.-

This was a generous gift from Reto Bauert too!

I told Reto about my son Daniel. He picked up my WAL fretless from the wall many times. I saw that with critical eyes.

Now Daniel can use this fretless bass for his practise.

It has a active electronic system, with a massively hardware. The strings go through the body. I don´t know how old this bass is. There is no serial number on it.


Lefthand Fender Musicmaster Bass 1978


Fender Musicmaster / USA

Date of production: 1978

Fender das build this Musicmaster basses in the area about 1970-1983. It were basses for studens and beginners. The body is made from ash and the pickup system (1 Single Coil PU) isn´t so expensive like them from the other Fender basses.

It has a short scale maple neck with 19 frets.

The Musicmaster is a solide bass for beginners with a light weight: 2,8 kg!

detail pics

Lefthand Fender Jazz Bass 1976


Fender Jazz Bass (USA)

Date of production: 1976

We came from Bremen on 31-05-02 and wanted to take a snack at the Musik Produktiv in Ibbenbüren / Germany. Then a short look into the "lefthand department" and as quickly as possible back home!
After we got our meal it happened:

There it was! A 76´ Fender Jazz Bass, Made in USA! Natural!! In an excellent condition! What then has happened, I can´t really remind by myself. All things that happend after this first sight, Sigi had to tell me afterward. I was so "drunken" from this moment on! Since it is a second-hand instrument, only cash was announced.

I paid a deposit and made thought about how I can get the remaining money from. (Of course! You will find almost such bargains, when you have no money next time!)

One week later I´ve been able to free the Jazz Bass from the claws of the MP. This bass is in a very good condition. You can recognise that a guitar player has played this bass only a few times (Pre-owner: "Kuddel", from the German Rockband "Die Toten Hosen". No damages, no scratches!

This Jazz bass sound bright and clear. (You know that rosewood necks let the bass sound much powerfull.) I think a good bassplayer will let this Jazz Bass sound like Marcus Miller.


Lefthand Burns London Bison Bass 1963

63´Burns London Bison Bass (GB)

Date of production: 1963

Right! It´s a lefty 63´Burns London "Bison Bass". Hardly to find and very expensive.

I found it on internet when I was at home for a long time. I did some negotiations with the seller from England and got this bass in smmer 2006.

This bass features 3 Armstrong Burns Ultra Sonic pickups and a 4-way pickup selector.

This bass looks like 40 yeas of rock ´n roll!

On the backside of the headstocl is a label from "Frank Hassy Ltd.", Liverpool. Hessy´s was the first music store in Liverpool at the 60´s. Most of the famous bands from Liverpool (like The Beatles) went in and out of this store.

Lefthand MusicMan StingRay 1980


MusicMan Stingray Bass (pre Ernie Ball) / USA

Date of production: 1980

I got this nice pre Ernie Ball 4string bass in summer 2006. It sounds very nice and I use it for Rock ´n Roll.

Lefthand Wal Coustom IV fetless 1995

Wal Coustom IV fretless

Date of production:
February 23th, 1995

A fretless bass!? Can I play this one? I took a long time to make this step. But I´m glad to make this deal. It´s a great bass. I´m in love with his wonderful sound, his fine wood, his handling, his feeling - his charcter. That´s a bass!!

Body features: mahagany wood with american walnut, neck from rosewood


Lefthand Rickenbacker 4001    1972


Rickenbacker 4001

Date of production: April 1972

It was a left-handed Rickenbacker that I had been looking for a long time. This bass has got a chequered body binding and a stereo-output. I was given an offer which - I´m sorry - failed. That was a bitter experience for me but I learned from that.
When I went to the first owner I got pole-axed. In his cellar´s corner stood a Marshall-tower consisting of a JCM 800 Bass amp and two 4 x 12" cabinets.
I gave him my full adress. As soon as he wished to sell this tower, he should ring me up.
About one year later I phoned him to ask if it was for a sale. But it was sold.


Lefthand Fender Pecision Bass 1971


Fender Precision Bass

Date of production: 05.02.1971

Volkmar Bornemann, once working at "Musik Produktiv Ibbenbüren," regularly flew to the USA in order to look for guitars for his Rare & Vintage Shop.
I myself at that time only played with my old Fender Precision. I exactly knew the price of this bass of 1964 and worried it might get lost. So I thought I should have a different Perci for everyday.
He did me a favour in summer 1993 and gave me this bass bought in New York, together with an original Fender-case from that time. This case has a great weight.


Lefthand Fender Precision Bass 1964


Fender Precision Bass (Pre CBS)

Date of production: 05.04.1964

This was my second bass and I´m proud of it! I borrowed some money from my brother and a neighbour of mine and fulfilled my dream. It did its best until I bought the Streamer Stage I.
The first, a Dynacord hollow-body bass I had given away. A short time later I regretted this very much and did all I could to see where it was. But it was lost. Since than I´ll never sell a guitar again!

Lefthand Blackwood Bluesmaster Bass

Blackwood Bluesmaster

Date of production: 2006

This is a wonderful copy of a Gibson EB-2. Who doesn't know this form and which Lefty hasn't searched the intenet for a lefthand Gibson EB-2. The isn't one, is there?
Going on with the Buesmaster.
Martin Scharde is distributing the brand Blackwood.

Martin visited me in spring 2007 and brought me 3 perfect lefthand basses including this Bluesmaster Bass. This Bass is something special for me because my wishes were even condsidered during planning. The Bluesmaster has a noble look. One has so much respeckt for the high brilliance lacquer that you remove all dangerous objects like watches, belt buckles and zippers. The neck can be played very good and the passive
BassLine-Pickups provides a solid sound. In comparison to my Dynacord Thinbody Bass it's a little bit heavier but the difference to a Solidbody-Bass isn't that big. Playing the bass felt familiar at once.

Höfner Beatless Bass 1967 1967 1967

Höfner Beatles (Violin-) Bass 500/1

Date of production:
Serial-No: -.-

I was offered the "Höfner" by a colleague of mine in the early 80s, together with the original hardcase. He had got it from his uncle and didn´t know to make use of it. For playing it is - I must say -too light.
Even if it is a righthand-bass, it will never be sold!!

Lefthand Hohner PJ Bass 1990

Hohner PJ Bass

Date of production:

I often found the Vester Bass in the room of my son, so I need to change my intention. Through contacts to other left hand bassists, I got the idea to collect autographs on the Vester Bass of the LH bassists I`ll meet myself. As the Vester Bass was not at my disposal, I need a new one. At that time the offer of the Hohner Bass was ok for me. I`ll hope many Lefty`s would perpetuate themselves. The first meetings are already planned.


Gibson "Flying V" Bass

Date of production:
Feb. 25th,1982

There are bodystyles which have made history like the Gibson Flying V. Gibson started the production of the Flying V in 1958 and it is continued. Only the Flying V bass was built for a very short time (late 1981-1982!).This rare bass was built in Kalamazoo / USA.

He has a mahogany body and a maple neck guled into the body´s neck pocket. 2 Gibson humbucking pickups.

Gibson told me that this bass was never produced for lefthanded bassists! So I had to buy this one.

Gibson only produced 375 Flying V basses!!!



Gibson "Flying V" Bass

Date of production:
September. 23, 198

Mhhh? What do you do, when you got an offer about a Gibson Flying V in Alpine White? Mind and original condition? Offered in your own country? For a more than reasonable price? Do you close your eyes????

I think you don´t! That´s the reason for my second Flying "V" bass.

Lefthand Fender Precision Bass 1978


Fender Precision Bass (USA)

Date of production: 1978

This bass was bought in the USA again. It´has a normal weight (that´s not sure for Fender bass from this gereration) and sounds punchy! It´s a very nice bass and a great player. It´s in a mind condition, except two small cracks in his varnish like my 78 Jass Bass.

Colour: natural

Lefthand Kramer

Kramer "The Duke" Deluxe (USA)

Date of production:

I got a hint for this rare Kramer "The Duke" deluxe headless bass from my english friend Oz.

This bass has the Kramer like aluminium neck. It came with the original hardshell case and it is is a mind condition.

Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CS267 (Honeyburst)

Date of production: 2001 ?

My son Daniel got my good old Cortez acousitc guitar. So I was looking for a replacement for it and found it in this Ovation guitar.

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